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Toughbook: Different is in our DNA. At the side of the heroes for over 20 years.

What do heroes actually look like? One look at the big screen seems to answer this question in a flash: Heroes wear masks and capes and have amazing powers. Only superheroes are truly super, as every child knows. Or maybe not? Panasonic wanted to know for sure. Instead of relying on hearsay and conjecture, the tech company asked - and asked kids directly.

Heroes of everyday life

What makes people special in the eyes of children? What role models do they emulate today? The little experts quickly agreed: Their heroes need neither a cape nor a mask; they wear a uniform, smock or high-visibility vest. They don't have superpowers, yet they are willing to go to their limits every day to help others. They are doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters and pilots.

In the new campaign video, the children explain in their own words what it is about these people that impresses them so much.

The video has already reached over 600,000 video views. Video marketing agency: dot-gruppe

The reliable helper for heroes of today

But if you want to achieve extraordinary things, you also need extraordinary tools. Since 1918, the tradition-rich tech giant has been working to make life easier and better for people around the world. Under the Toughbook banner, Panasonic has created a range of state-of-the-art work tools designed to help helpers - even in the most adverse conditions.

The "fully ruggedized" notebooks and tablets in the Toughbook family are dustproof, water-resistant and not sensitive to heat or cold. They also easily survive falls from heights of up to 180 cm. Where other devices become an insurance claim, the Toughbook continues to work as if nothing had happened and allows helpers to continue to assist.

The ADAC Yellow Angels, for example, use the Toughbook devices to find electronic problems in broken-down vehicles. The rugged companions are used by the Cologne public transport company for maintenance and repair work, and a Toughbook is also part of the basic equipment for many Telekom technicians.

Sure: Even the toughest notebook can't keep up with the superpowers of Hollywood movies - but for everyday heroes, there can't be a more reliable helper than Panasonic's indestructible Toughbook.