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YouTube launches Operation “collection” on

Less order for more order on YouTube. Sounds a little funny—because it is. As of Wednesday, May 20th, the “collections” will be set. Thus, the little bit of order that placed a long list of subscribed channels was abolished.
As is typical for Google, they choose to take a few steps backwards instead of waiting for a new function. This is how it is for the classification system for subscribed channels on YouTube.

Those who subscribe to many YouTube channels quickly lose an overview. In order to bring a system to the long list of subscriptions, could, for example, the relevant be distinguished from the irrelevant in the “collections.” Users are able to store and call up individual channels with built-in collections. Essentially, channel playlists such a music, gaming, and DIY, have been created.


Since YouTube currently provides no alternative to this sorting method, Wedensday, May 20th, will bring some chaos. However, the announcement on the US YouTube help site gives hope for an improved and more user-friendly management of subscriptions.

It is believed that YouTube changes from a folder on a tag system or plans to create automatic sorting. How it finally turns out will be interesting.

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