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YouTube: New Design for all Channels soon Mandatory

Only about a year ago, all YouTube channels were switched to a completely new design. The Home and Watch pages were redesigned as well. Many YouTube users found fail in the redesign, and we believe the new front end did not fit the style of the other services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Reader.

Old Design:

Adidas YouTube Old Channel

New Design (2013):

Google and YouTube want to offset this shortcoming with the next design update, called “OneChannel.” Currently, the design is in beta, but it will be provided to all channel operators in the near future. The design is clearly modeled on Google+, with bright colors dominating. YouTube also wants to make sure that the channels look similar on all devices, so it will automatically adapt to different display sizes, including retina displays. As it stands, the branding will be limited to just the channel banner and profile image. YouTube has already published a help page with design guidelines.

YouTube OneChannel Layout

Major New Features:

Wallpaper has disappeared and been replaced with a single channel banner. External links within the banner, which are currently possible using image maps, will no longer be a function after the redesign. The new design gives channel operators the opportunity to make a video display to all non-subscribers. The video channel operator can show, for example, what content the user expects, and this convince a viewer to subscribe.

How YouTube channels will look after the redesign can already be seen at the following brands and YouTube artists: Intel, LOUD, and Sorted.

What do you think? How do you like the new design?