Does your video take full advantage of YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – and the largest video platform! The multitude of technical and graphical capabilities have to be well connected and integrated to ensure the best performance on YouTube.

Central factor for the success of your video

YouTube currently reaches up to a third of all internet users worldwide – just under a billion people. The potential for your video marketing is enormous! But because of this range, it is even more essential that the production and marketing of your videos is tailored to the needs of the target group and is distinguishable from the competition. Our YouTube experts include their many years of experience consulting more than 100 top brands into your individual YouTube marketing strategy – or offer seminars, coaching and workshops for the transfer of this knowledge.

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What are the channel specific requirements for YouTube videos?
More than 50% of YouTube videos are currently being viewed. Therefore, during the creation of your concept, this aspect and trend should also be taken into account. The dramaturgy and length of the video is crucial in terms of the length users spend watching your video – because within the first few seconds, the viewer decides whether he continues watching or not. Therefore, different types of videos should be available, depending on the needs of the target group.
What are the requirements for a YouTube channel?
Relevance is key – relevance of your uploaded videos. The frequency your YouTube channel is viewed is important, and relevant technical settings must also be considered. The structure of your channel in an attractive and informative playlist is crucial in order to activate the target group to seek more content. The SEO optimization of the videos ensures a good retrievability on the web.
Which users can be targeted on YouTube?
YouTube is no longer a medium only used by teenagers and young people. As the second largest search engine in the world, it is used by people of all ages. About 40% of users are 30 years old or older, which needs to be taken into account when looking after your YouTube community.


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