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As an industry pioneer, we have 17 years of experience in video seeding and social media advertising. Along your customer journey we combine the range of seeding measures optimally with online marketing and social media placements – for your maximum campaign outcome!

Seeding analog to the customer journey

The distribution of videos does not proceed automatically, you have to initiate it strategically – that is seeding. For your video seeding, we combine strong social media placements with conventional online marketing to achieve your performance goals. But what are the most relevant channels and influencers that will take your video and your story to the next level? Our seeding experts guarantee more traffic for your videos. As an industry pioneer, we have 17 years of know-how and an extensive publisher network at our disposal, including influential blogs, YouTube channels and other social media profiles.

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What is seeding?

Seeding is about spreading your video content across the web, focusing on targeted placements of your video in relevant communities, blogs and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Based on a detailed analysis of your target group and our broad publisher network, we are able to identify relevant influencers and trigger a viral distribution process for your video content. With our seeding, we place your videos exactly where they need to be on the web.

How does a seeding campaign work?
This depends entirely on your desired campaign outcome. With each campaign, we create individual arrangements and work together with your online marketing efforts in our seeding strategy: influencer marketing, video-SEO marketing, social media advertising and/or remarketing. This should be taken into account when planning and creating your video content – because the different formats of videos are also suitable for different forms of the seeding.
What is the significance of seeding?
As successful or viral a video campaign might be – at the beginning you must always spread and advertise its content (=seeding) in order to achieve the maximum campaign outcome and to strengthen your brand awareness or image. With the help of our seeding know-how, we ensure that your videos will be widely distributed on the web, generating valuable views and encouraging people to share them. And the success pays off. Successful seeding also improves your SEO (search engine optimization). Because the more your video is viewed, the more it gains (Google) relevance and produces positive SEO effects – which is reflected in a better ranking in the SERPs, more traffic to your website and social media channels and a significant boost to your online marketing.


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