Video content made exactly for your channels?

With our expertise and many years of experience, we understand that video production requirements must be perfectly aligned to your target audience, media strategy, social media platforms and publisher websites.

With us, your video idea becomes a reality

We produce media-tailored video content that accords with your business objectives and customer journey, with a strong call-to-action, which is already optimally designed for the best possible distribution among your target groups. Trust our many years of experience and let your video content speak for itself – to prove your expertise, present your products and strengthen your brand. That way, you turn prospective users into happy customers and employees.


Video production

We develop scripts, storyboards and treatments – specifically tailored to your core message and corporate identity – scout and book locations, cast actors/influencers, design the sets and shoot and direct the film


Post produktion & extras

We edit the shot footage, add animations, music and sound and make sure your video has the right form and language to get it spread around the desired target markets

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What is the necessary film budget?
In general, the costs per video depend on the overall size of the project and the expected complexity of the production phase. Of course, other cost-relevant factors such as the number of actors, the location or the use of special effects also play a role.
Do you already have your own video content?
Of course we are open to integrating existing material into a video production. We will be happy to advise you and evaluate and optimize your material to ensure multi-layered content exploitation, project playlists and distribution of your video.
Which content is suitable for marketing?
This depends entirely on your campaign goal. We discuss with you which video-content best represents you and your services. And we take care to produce a video that will spread optimally and that fulfils all the requirements and guidelines of the key social media platforms.


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