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Twitter is the silent hero when it comes to promoting social video content. Over the years, Twitter has expanded its video platform and established new ways for brands to successfully place videos on the social web.

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140-character long news – that is a tweet! Successful ads on Twitter must therefore be compelling, concise and informative. The same applies to the time limit of 30 seconds for videos. However, this can be an advantage if you remember that users do not watch long videos till the end. That’s why Twitter is perfect to transport your brand message and attract the attention of your target group. For the last 17 years, we have been helping major brands to define their own Twitter strategy and produce video content according to the Twitter guidelines – with videos that tell an enthusiastic story. And with the use of wide-reaching influencers and the (right) hashtags, we increase the purchase intention and willingness to share your video marketing campaign.

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Source: Twitter 2017

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What needs to be considered with video marketing on Twitter?
Approximately 80% of Twitter users retrieve information or tweets from mobile devices. Only about 20% use Twitter on their computers at home. The difference is enormous and must be taken into account when planning video content. Unlike YouTube, video content is not directly searched on Twitter – but rather observed when it appears on consumers own timeline. But how does your video reach the channels of suitable Twitter users? Through targeted seeding by other, popular Twitter users. Our influencer network includes strong Twitter accounts that have a large follower community.
What do you mean by community management on Twitter?
Twitter is a real-time medium – which can be confirmed by the fact that 80% of users use Twitter on mobile devices. This is an additional challenge, because not only do you have to find the right message, but you must also create and publish it at the exact right time. In addition, you also have to get back to your followers in real time, and all this has to be put together in a strategy. Real-time also means paying attention to current trends and interacting with other vommunities besides yours to increase your reach. Participate actively within relevant topics – because interaction is another major focus of this platform.


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