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Concept development and TV commercial production according to your briefing? Or do you already have a concept and only need a treatment? As an industry pioneer, we specialize in the effective use of storytelling and maximizing the effect of your TV advertising through multi-screen storytelling – to present your product/service to a broad audience. In addition, we book locations, cast actors and put together the crew and technology needed for a professional video production. And if you want an animated commercial, we will be happy to make your ideas a reality.

After the production of your TV commercial, we put the final touches to the material. We edit the shot footage, add animations, music and sound and make sure your video has the right form and language for the desired target markets. In order to integrate the final TV commercial on the web, we encode the material for the required data carriers and portals.

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How much does it cost to make a TV commercial?
Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all here, because we produce individually tailored adverts for each of our clients, based on their specific products, distribution and campaign goals. Tell us your ideas and goals for your TV commercial, and we will put together a cost plan.
How expensive are the placements costs for a TV commercial?
That depends on several factors – for example the broadcast time, where in an advertising block you want to place your commercial, private or public broadcaster? Putting the TV commercial on the web is cheaper, which is why you should consider publishing it on the relevant social media platforms.
Where can my TV commercial be played?
The classical placement, as the name “TV commercial” suggests, is on television. But you can take it a step further. To ensure that your advertisement reaches the masses, we advise that you combine your TV commercial with advertising measures on social media platforms, with a strategically planned and well though-out cross-media campaign. Drop us a line and let us explain our cross-media concept to you.


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