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WhatsApp Business | Snapchat Stories | Instagram Graph API

News KW 5 WhatsApp Business in Germany; Snapchat Stories can be shared outside the app; Instagram Graph API allows to ...

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Google Page Speed | YouTube Creator | Facebook News Feed

News KW 3 Google “Speed Update”; new guidelines for YouTube Creator; less videos in Facebook Newsfeed Dear readers, Instagram is ...

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YouTube cards—YouTube videos now interactive through maps

Video creators complained and YouTube listened. Since March 2015, creators should find it easier to accompany comments and information to ...

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Video Production and Campaign for Design and Ver.Di NGG

The issue of a legal, nationwide minimum wage in Germany has always been a key issue on the agenda for ...

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Paid Channels: YouTube leads on Payable Videos

“This paid channel is not available in your country.” YouTube users in Germany are increasingly facing this note ever since ...

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