Snapchat User Tagging | Instagram Shopping | YouTube Music Service

News KW12 Snapchat tests user tagging; Instagram Shopping in Germany; YouTube launches paid music service Dear Readers, Hardly any news ...

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Facebook Watch | Google Crome | Snapchat

News KW 6 Expansion of Facebook Watch; Google Crome blocks ads; Snapchat records growth Dear readers, the Berlin consumer portal ...

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WhatsApp Business | Snapchat Stories | Instagram Graph API

News KW 5 WhatsApp Business in Germany; Snapchat Stories can be shared outside the app; Instagram Graph API allows to ...

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Facebook Messenger | Facebook Display Ads | Snapchat Redesign

News KW 48 Facebook tests Messenger Broadcast; Facebook Display Ads verifiable via Meetrics; Snapchat starts Redesign Dear readers, the latest ...

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Facebook Newsfeed | Pinterest Search Ads | Snapchat Programmic Advertising

News KW 43 Concern about organic reach in Facebook newsfeed; Pinterest introduces search ads; Snapchat reinforces programmic advertising for discover ...

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Facebook Delivery Service | YouTube Endcard | Snapchat Context Cards

News KW 42 Facebook now also delivers food; YouTube regulates external links in video endcards; Snapchat introduces context cards Dear ...

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