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Together with you and your team, we will develop a video marketing strategy that puts your company, service or product in the right light – the spotlight!

We always keep your customer’s journey in mind

Our goal is to define an overall video marketing strategy for your company. A strategy that is optimally tailored to your online marketing. A strategy from which video content can continuously be produced and successfully distributed to your target group. We use our brand strategy expertise, extensive online marketing and video marketing know-how, always keeping your customer journey in mind, because we want you to use your content in a versatile and targeted way to activate your target group on different channels!

range of video marketing measures

Source: statista 2017


For a strong video marketing strategy

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Are you planning a video campaign?
We would be pleased to work with you to develop a concept or help you optimize your existing campaign content – to prepare you and your video campaign optimally for the production and distribution of your videos.
You would like a long-term video content strategy?
We will be happy to design an overall content strategy for your company/brand – to spread your video content across a variety of social media platforms through content-driven, creative and holistic communication.
Research and analytics?
Professional social monitoring provides you with feedback from the market and with relevant data for a targeted video strategy. That is why each of our strategies begins with intensive market research of your brand compared to the competition as well as the analysis of your target group and customer journey – to develop a strategy that optimally prepares you for the production of unique video content and triggers your marketing campaign ROI.


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