How is the success of a campaign measured?

We think: your company- and campaign-relevant KPIs are the decisive factor. We not only want your campaign to be successful, we want you to be able to derive further, successful measures from meaningful reports.

Report, adapted to your KPIs

Our campaign reports are meaningful, detailed, and provide accurate information for proactive campaign management to help you achieve your campaign goals. Our “reporting cockpits” and executive summaries are customized, based on the characteristics of your company and your key performance parameters (i.e. demographic, conversions, etc.) – and give you a quick overview on the progress of your campaign. Our performance-based billing model guarantees you full control of the process at all times.


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How is the reporting structured?
We adapt our reports to your needs, campaign goals and your campaign management. Through our 17 years of experience in the market, we know that the requirements for reporting and the processing of the KPIs differ for each department of a company. We can offer flexible solutions for you and your campaign.
How often do you receive reports?
This differs from campaign to campaign – and depends entirely on its duration. However, we can provide our clients access to specially prepared “campaign cockpits” for each campaign, giving marketing managers a permanent overview of the campaign’s progress.


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