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We plan dynamic remarketing along your customer journey, analyze your web visitor data, and then produce personalized video ads that target your web visitors with customized messages tailored to your brand message.

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With your video marketing campaign, you can strengthen confidence in your company, brands and products. This is an important element in the marketing mix, but a hard-selling advertising medium? Your video should evoke emotions – positive emotions associated with you and your services, without appearing too promotional. That is why videos rarely generate conversions directly after the first view. Yet we understand, that the optimization of your conversion, the expansion of your range and your brand awareness yet are key marketing objectives. This is why we take a step further and analyze the right time to re-address your existing audiences – because the more customers come into contact with your brand, the higher the likelihood of a conversion.

“96% of users leave a site on their first visit without buying anything.”



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Remarketing for video marketing campaigns?
With our effective remarketing, we transform your campaign into a success by repeatedly contacting users who have already shown interest. Through emotional videos, attention and brand awareness are strengthened – but increased conversions can only be generated with effective remarketing. In this process, we create detailed remarketing lists and captivating ads and make sure that our users do not feel annoyed by repeated advertising.
Do you need a Google Adwords and/ or Analytics account?
No. We completely take care of all set-up and linking of the online tools with your campaign. We pay attention to the right alignment and appropriate combination of the tools and optimize these steps periodically on the basis of the measured numbers.
How much does a remarketing-campaign cost?
This depends on the frequency at which you wish to respond to your target group. On the basis of constant reports and years of know-how guarantees that your advertising budget is used efficiently used – maximizing qualitative views (best possible CPVs).


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