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You want to attract new employees and find the best candidates for your company? So do we! When developing the script, we ensure that your company culture, your working environment and your teamwork are presented authentically. Depending on the content idea and goals, the video production takes place in your company and/or in other selected locations. We also do the castings, post production, put together the crew and equipment and produce your recruiting video.

Post production, outtakes, InStreams, etc., specialized for social media platforms and the web. We edit the shot footage, add animations, music and sound and make sure your video has the right form and language for the desired target markets. Professional actors give your recruiting video a voice, depending on your target markets. And to integrate the finished video into the web, we encode the material for the required data carriers and portals.

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In which languages will the recruiting video be available?
When doing the sound for your recruiting video, we focus on your wishes and target markets. We can also provide subtitles.
Where can recruiting videos be used?
Recruiting videos can go on your homepage, career pages or even online news portals. We also recommend seeding your recruiting video on major social media platforms and the web to find the right match for your company.
How expensive is it to produce a recruiting video?
Production costs depend on many different factors. How many shooting days are needed? In how many languages will the video be dubbed in? How long is the film, who is the cast, what locations and post production are required.
What is the difference to an image film?
Although an image film advertises your company, as does a recruiting film, an image film is made specifically for (potential) customers or business partners. Recruiting videos are designed to present your company attractively and authentically to job applicants, so the advertising character is omitted. We would be happy to go into more detail with you in person and help you find the suitable format for your needs.


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