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Our product videos are designed to present the uniqueness and added value of your products, simply and understandably. Combined with the emotional addressing of your (potential) customers, we show your products in action by setting all the relevant features in the right light – for the effective, cinematic dramatization of your products or services. To achieve this, we make ourselves familiar with your range of products or services, work out an innovative story, take care of the perfect set design and produce a product video that emotionally affects and motivates people.

Post production, outtakes, InStreams, etc., specialized for social media platforms and the web. We edit the shot footage, add animations, music and sound and make sure your product video has the right form and language for the desired target markets. To integrate the finished video into the web, we encode the material for the required data carriers and portals.

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Where can a product film be used?
The number of possible applications are very varied and range from the placement on your homepage, your shop or online shop, through to the use during product training courses, sales talks, trade fairs and/or on the web in general.
How do I know a product video is suitable for my company?
Product films are actually suitable for every company – especially in today’s times, where customers can digress from classic advertising and can be “captured” by moving pictures. Companies that have complex products or want to launch a new product on the market should consider a product video.
Can existing material be integrated into a product video?
Of course, but this depends on whether it can be integrated into the idea for the product film. Ask us what can be done and we will do our best to integrate existing material into your product film concept.

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