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“So that victims don’t forget/unprotected/unprotected/only/unlawful.” Under this slogan the relief organization for crime victims of WEISSER RING draws prominent support on board, among them crime scene commissioner Oliver Mommsen, Soko-Leipzig commissioner Steffen Schroeder as well as lawyer for criminal law and Ingo Lenßen, known as an actor from TV.

On the occasion of the “Day for Victims of Crimes” on 22 March, the message and the campaign videos produced for this purpose will be disseminated – with the aim of drawing more attention to the organisation and its mission on the Internet and further increasing the number of volunteers to help more victims of violence and crime.

The campaign is accompanied by three main and two interview videos in which the celebrities highlight the importance of supporting victims of violence and crime. It is very important for victims to know that, in addition to the police, there is also a contact point that supports them outside of criminal proceedings.

The dot-gruppe conceived and implemented a wide-ranging word-to-mouth campaign for the WEISSER RING organisation. The focus is on the personal approach to reachable, socially committed and non-profit bloggers and YouTuber from the dot-gruppe network. By integrating the selected influencers, the WEISSE RING gains authentic brand ambassadors who ensure the desired publicity on the web. In addition, strong social media channels and Google+ communities served to boost the distribution of campaign videos.



Client: WEISSER RING / DFC – Deutsche Fundraising Company

Campaign:„Damit Opfer nicht vergessen/schutzlos/alleine/rechtlos bleiben.“

Concept: Awareness concept, video seeding campaign, influencer and blog marketing

Reach: approx. 210.000 users