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YouTube eliminates links in videos; Facebook Stories for events; WhatsApp as an advertising options

Dear readers,

moving images are becoming more and more important. Sure. And YouTube is the most used video platform. Right? Right, but as the Bavarian State Agency for New Media (BLM) released in its 2017 Web TV monitor this week, YouTube its competition from other social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is increasing. Although 90 percent of respondents continue to use YouTube to distribute their videos, 57 percent use Facebook as their platform for online videos.

So there is a lot going on in the world of social media – as our news shows.

YouTube links discontinued as of December

Video content is ideal for explaining complex facts in an understandable way, drawing users’ attention to a product/service and directing them to your own website, the online shop or even other content by means of a video. For that matter, link boxes were used within a YouTube video for a while – but apparently without lasting success. Because as YouTube just announced, only 5% of the content creators still use this feature. Time to act?

Seems that way, because from December 14, 2017 link options in YouTube videos will now disappear completely. All already installed links and link boxes will be removed retroactively. YouTube also wants to counteract the problem of linking to videos that no longer exist.

Instead, users are to make greater use of the new YouTube info cards, in which links can still be placed.


Facebook presents stories for events and groups

The latest Facebook story comes from Facebook itself – because the social network extends its story feature. From now on, users of Facebook groups and events can contribute to a Facebook story that will be visible to all other members.

With this update, several group members and event participants can now “experience events from different angles”. Administrators and organizers have the ability to conduct moderations, set privacy settings, and encourage users to share.


Advertising options extended to WhatsApp

And again news from the Facebook. The network expands its advertising options and now gives advertisers the opportunity to reach users via WhatsApp.
Advertisements booked through Facebook’s redesigned Advertising Manager can now select WhatsApp as a communication channel to direct their ads to WhatsApp Chats.

This is a great feature, considering that WhatsApp is becoming increasingly relevant alone within the communication between customers and companies.