Your video as the center of visual inspiration?

Images and videos are the most shared content on the web and that is the power of Instagram. The potential for companies and their brands lies in “visual storytelling” – which is why Instagram contains such special value in video marketing.

Branded storytelling with Instagram


With nearly 500 million active users, Instagram is a significant tool for any digital video advertising campaign. Focusing on visual content, Instagram is the ideal platform to emotionalize a brand and create a positive association with a product. Especially influencer campaigns played on Instagram combine brands and consumers in an authentic way. This is where we come in: we match you with the right influencers and use our data management to create target-specific Instagram ads and exclusive content, using (real) hashtags – to generate more views, engagement and conversion rates for your video campaign.

Instagram as a marketing channel

 Source: statista 2017

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What needs to be considered with Instagram videos?
Videos in social media not only have their own formats and lengths, but also a different kind of storytelling. This is the same with Instagram. Since most videos are played without any sound, videos must be visually meaningful, comprehensive and emotional – without words. Due to the limit of 60 seconds per video, there is not much time to get a creative brand message across. As industry pioneers, we know which form of storytelling reaches your target group in the shortest time possible, and which video content is relevant for each placement. Analyzed by your newsfeed algorithm, we ensure that your videos are adapted to your target audience and your campaign goals.
How important is community management for an Instagram account?

Extremely. The growing interest and numbers of users show how important Instagram is. Therefore, a great way for companies to benefit from this great range and high interaction rate to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your community. As with many other social networks, the digital dialogue plays a central role within Instagram. With your (video marketing) campaign, you have generated a strong range and built up a loyal community? Now it is important to interact, to regularly review comments and react in real-time, since this is the only way to give your community an added value and, in return, receive important and authentic feedback on your products and services. So, if you listen to your community and become involved on a regular basis, you will be rewarded with stronger brand loyalty and increased brand awareness. And behind all of this, there lays a professional community management – and we will be happy to assist you.


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