Have you considered influencers?

And what role does influencer marketing play for a video content strategy? We think: to give your video content a boost, cooperating with industry experts and digital influencers are a must!

Authenticity for you and your product

Authentic contributions and real experiences with your products or services are of a much higher quality for your target audience, as they are comprehensible and credible. And this quality will also be reflected in your reach and generated clicks! For this reason alone, it is important to operate influencer marketing consistently – because not every influencer automatically fits your brand!

We give you, your product and your brand authenticity and a personalized face. As industry pioneers, we look back on 17 years of experience in influencer marketing – and a constantly growing publisher network with the most influential blogs, YouTubers, Instagram-, Facebook- and Twitter profiles. Combined with precise offline influencer marketing measures (for example: communication in public space) and influencer events, well-covered by the media, we achieve maximum success.

“92% of consumers trust personal recommendations more than brand advertising.



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How important is influencer marketing?
It is a characteristic of our current age, where customers are constantly exposed to advertising messages (online and offline), that trust in advertising is diminishing. This is exactly why influencers, people with great reach in the social web, are so important. Many people follow these opinion leaders because they appreciate and share their content and opinions – a fantastic opportunity for companies and brands to give their products authenticity through recommendation, generate traffic and/or increase their commitment. However, in order to properly implement influencer marketing, the quality of your content and especially the philosophy of your company must be consistent with the values of the influencer. As an industry pioneer we have built a large database of influencers over the years, in different interest and subject areas. We would be happy to help you find the right influencers for your company.
How can brand safety be ensured?
Your brand safety is our ultimate goal. Through our many years of experience, we have established relationships of trust with the influencers in our database and know who is best suited for each product or company. Because only those who speak about a brand or products that they are firmly convinced of can generate authentic brand content for companies. In addition, we pay close attention to the legally required labeling of sponsored posts.


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