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Seeding campaign for App-Developer myvukee

Dot-gruppe ensured a successful viral spread of Myvukee’s photo apps though a comprehensive seeding campaign. Thanks to the comprehensive blog marketing and social media marketing campaign, “Free Banana” is spread throughout special target groups.


freebanana Gratis-Aktion von myvukee

Free Banana Free action from Myvukee turned to dot-gruppe due to the strong competition of comparable consumer photo service providers and the enormous amount of mobile applications. The concern is the target-group specific and viral spread of free action through blog marketing and social media marketing. Here, since the download of the corresponding multi-app Myvukee is necessary, this will be provided for effective distribution. This makes it possible for Myvukee to effectively differentiate itself and benefit from the viral distribution of their apps.

The Berlin experts for Viral Marketing use this targeted social media marketing and blog marketing to reach a broad spectrum. Here, on the one hand, the targeted approach carries placements and relevant and established tech, mobile, and application blogs. Furthermore, dot-gruppe sets individual contributions to the largest and most thematically appropriate Facebook groups and Google+ communities. Another important measure is the wide-reaching positioning on large deals portals. These measures are all supported through parallel social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ channels, and blogs and portals.

Because of these viral marketing actions, dot-gruppe succeeded in helping Myvukee increase awareness for their photo app through significant viral distribution of their voucher campaign. This was achieved through a mix of strategically designed and coordinated social media and blog marketing measures. As a viral marketing agency, dot-gruppe could thus meet the needs and desires of Myvukee, and could achieve all of their objectives in full.


Author: Benjamin Müller | 14.01.2014