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Explanatory videos are becoming ever more important – because innovative ideas, products and services sometimes have to be explained. Our concept developers and storyboard artists occupy themselves intensively with your product and its features and use their many years of experience in classical advertising to develop the optimal style, animation technology and storyline for your target group. For the production of our explanatory videos, we use 2D animation, laying technology, whiteboard animation or animated sequences, mixed together with film sequences – to present your products and services in an entertaining and informative way.

Post production, outtakes, InStreams, etc., specialized for social media platforms and the web. We edit the shot footage, add animations, music and sound and make sure your explanatory video has the right form and language for the desired target markets. To integrate the finished explanatory video into the web, we encode the material for the required data carriers and portals.

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What are the costs for an explanatory video?
Unfortunately there is no one standard answer here, because many different factors – for example the type of illustration and animation, video length or duration of the post-production – play a role. So contact us and we will be happy to give you an estimate, entirely without any obligation on your part.
Where can an explanatory video be used?
The possibilities for the use of your explanatory videos are as diverse as the production possibilities. An explanatory video is a powerful marketing tool for successfully marketing your product and/or company. But in order to unfold its maximum effect, your video should not only be featured on your homepage, but also professionally spread around relevant social media platforms and the web. In addition, the explanatory video is a huge asset for sales negotiations, employee training courses, work instructions and e-seminars. Depending on how and where you want to use your explanatory video, we adjust the production and post production to fit your needs.
What is a How-To video?
The How-To video is a kind of explanatory video, with the small difference that a classical explanatory video is narrated from the perspective of the target group and emotionally focused on the product/service, while a How-To video is more about demonstrating a product/service. Interested in a How-To video? We would be happy to help you.


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