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#WÄHLWASGSCHEIDS - Campaign for the local elections in Bavaria

On 15.03.2020 the time had come - the local elections in Bavaria were due. Citizens entitled to vote were encouraged to put their cross in the voting booth on this day. Local politics has a direct impact on life in the community, of which there are 2,056 in Bavaria. The four ballots are used to elect a (lord) mayor, a district administrator, the municipal or city council members and the district councillors. The term of office is then for the next six years.

In recent years, xenophobic protests have been on the rise in Germany, and hatred and agitation against foreigners, refugees or foreign-looking people has also been increasing on the digital web. To set a sign against the agitation, the Förderverein und Freundeskreis NS-Dokumentationszentrum München e.V. has launched the campaign #WÄHLWASGSCHEIDS. With the campaign video, the association wants to encourage young voters and first-time voters to vote democratically.

Since 2011, the sponsoring association has supported the NS Documentation Center in its scientific research into the history of National Socialism in Munich and in dealing with the causes and consequences after 1945, as well as in education through the pedagogical communication of the research results. The goal is to strengthen the work of remembrance in the public through lectures, conferences, publications and public presentations.

The dot-gruppe supports the campaign against hate and incitement and ensures targeted distribution of the campaign video in social media(video seeding).

Go there and #wählwasgscheids!

Seeding: dot-gruppe
Lead agency: G.R.A.L. GmbH
Production: Al Dente Entertainment