Again, ERGO and the European Travel Insurance teamed up with dot-gruppe for video production.

Dot-gruppe was responsible for the entire campaign. Everything from consulting, creative design, commercial production, and the design and creation of a landing page is all done from one source. Furthermore, dot-gruppe supervised a brand staging for the campaign in 3 Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. This social media project will be extended and the talk of the town.

Various short selfie-videos are filmed by couples on a holiday. They are relaxed, happy, and enjoying their holiday, until they are amazed by the dangerous things happening in the background. This can be, for example, the accidental acquaintance with a bird of prey or a wrestler at the airport. Luckily, there is no worry, because the tourists are insured with ERV.

In addition, a small bit on travel misunderstanding was filmed. It shows that ERV will support its customers even in the case of swapped or stolen suitcases.

In addition, the strategic distribution is taken over by dot-gruppe, and brand management is also planned. Dot-gruppe proves itself again as a one stop agency for creative concept, YouTube production, Landing site production, and event integration.