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Viral triggers activate a recommendation – whether they be great music, well-placed emotions, moments of surprise, a powerful punch line, unique storytelling or the identification of the target group with the story based on familiar elements. But which factors turn a commercial into a viral hit? With our years of experience in the market, we know which content works on the web and animates people to share it. In addition to providing concept development and a distinctive content strategy, we reliably and professionally produce your viral video.

We edit the shot footage, add animations, music and sound and make sure your video has the right form and language for the desired target markets. We also encode the film material for the required media and portals and match the technical and interactive YouTube features and capabilities on the web to make the most of your viral video potential.

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What is a viral video?
Viral videos are videos that spread fast on the internet without any classical marketing. The focus lies in the identification with the extraordinary storyline, which emotionally captivates viewers and motivates them to share the video. In order to achieve this, strong content must be created, which targets your key audience of interest. In addition, a well-thought out distribution plan is needed, which includes the placement on the most important social media platforms as well as a seeding strategy via influencers.
When is a video a viral video?
Numerous factors play-in here and there is no 100% guarantee – but as a first-mover in the field, we have already produced numerous viral videos and know which campaign and storytelling can produce a viral hit. Furthermore, thanks to our many years on the market, we have access to a broad base of relevant influencers, who decisively support the spread of a viral video campaign. 


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