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Are your videos already finished? Then we ensure that they can be found on the web for a long time. With relevant keywords, we can market your videos according to predefined parameters that are specifically geared to your customer requirements and strategies.

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YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world – and the number one for positioning your videos on the web. In order to generate a focused reach with your content, a variety of SEO factors must be considered. No matter how good your video is, the world will not come to know your masterpiece without the right optimization and a strategy. This is where we come into play: With our many years of experience, we can ensure that your videos are found on YouTube and appear at the top of the Google video results. However, the SEO optimization of a video is much more than a good title and a description with relevant keywords.

As part of a status quo analysis, all parameters that influence the performance and retrievability of your videos are defined first. Is there a thumbnail representing the video content? Is the playlist structure optimized? Are the right tags defined? Is the video linked to other videos on the channel, and is the built-in call-to-action strong enough to direct traffic or potential customers to your website? We ensure that all relevant levers are set in motion – so that your videos are found by your target groups and you can build an audience of loyal subscribers.

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What is video SEO?
Video SEO includes several measures to optimize your video content so that it achieves a high-reach ranking on the social media platforms, especially YouTube, and thus also in the Google search. We use our know-how to help people find your video online when they search for it on Google or other online portals.
Video SEO for YouTube?
YouTube is, after Google, the most important search engine worldwide. Positioning and performance on YouTube are therefore a key success factor in video marketing. The multitude of technical and graphical possibilities must be optimally linked and integrated in order to achieve the best possible performance. Besides the optimization of your video content to the channel-specific requirements for YouTube, we also work intensively on optimizing the YouTube channels of our customers.


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