Seeding concept and marketing of the new football EM oracle 2016

Dot-gruppe partners with to EM football fever and now also takes over the distribution of their video tutorials. One things is already sure, that Jaime has crept into the hearts of all football fans.

EM oracle Jaime was born in Hamburg and is about eight weeks old and 28 cm tall.

Included in the 30 member team were SWAT RAM team Hamburg, football player Friedemann Peters of the Hamburg Huskies, kung fu fighters Stavros Zavrakis, actor Arne Prill as soccer president, actor Adiran Dittus as SWAT chief and presenter (among others from Radio Hamburg), and actress Natalie Strauss as charming Contracting Authority. Directed by Oliver Tietgen, cameraman was Rouven Kellerman.

The extensive seeding concept of dot-gruppe begins with the dissemination of the video within a target group, especially in the fields of sports, football, and betting. The video seeding included wide-reaching football blogs, influencers, and important social media channels such as Facebook, Twiiter, and Google+.