VisitDenmark | Video marketing and image campaign

VisitDenmark’s impressive image video “Cycling on the Danish North Sea and Baltic Sea” shows Denmark as a destination for friends and family who prefer the proximity to nature and the sea of inclusive movement. In order to implement a social media marketing concept for the holiday partner VisitDenmark, the dot-gruppe has set itself the goal of conveying the feeling of freedom and nature of the destination to the digital medium.

The dot-gruppe developed an extensive seeding concept and started the distribution of the video within the target groups of active holidaymakers and outdoor fans, especially in the areas of travel and family. The strategic video seeding integrates important social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, travel blogs, communities and YouTube channels such as TopsofTravel. The successful implementation of the campaign achieved a high level of awareness for the travel destination Denmark as well as an above-average increase in views for the campaign video. Over 100,000 users have already been reached via the seeding network of the dot-group.

Client: VisitDenmark

Campaign:”Cycling on the Danish North Sea and Baltic Sea”.

Concept: Video and social media seeding

Services: Seeding concept, video seeding campaign, influencer and blog marketing

Range: more than 100,000 users