ubup | 360° service and video production

ubup “, Germany’s largest second-hand online shop, starts its advertising offensive with the dot-group – with the aim of clearly distinguishing the company from its competitors. In addition to designing and implementing the video marketing concept for the second-hand online shop, dot-gruppe was commissioned to produce a product video. The aim is to send clear messages on price and quality.

The dot-gruppe takes over the 360° service from the development of the creative concepts to the finished production. The main goal was to create awareness for the second-hand online shop and generate new customer traffic for the shop. Two e-commerce videos were produced, which address the target group in an impressive and emotional way, present the product portfolio and the “ubup” platform and invite the users to explore them.

Client: momox GmbH / ubup

Campaign: ubup YouTube Spot

Concept: Video conception and production

Services: Conception, creative concept, e-commerce production

Reach: over 50,000 users per week