SOS Children’s Villages | Image Film Campaign

For 60 years, SOS Children’s Villages has been committed to the needs, concerns and rights of children. After the SOS Children’s Villages, many other SOS offers for children and adolescents, mothers and families have been created in Germany and around the world. With your new image film you show what the SOS Children’s Villages are doing – SOS Children’s Villages have so far been built on all continents of the world, in 133 countries around the world, helping children and young people to start a new and well-educated life.

The image film was broadcast in Germany to generate attention in the areas of charity and social responsibility. In order to carry this important message to seriously interested users, only selected influencers and opinion leaders were included for dissemination. We are proud to be able to offer a strong network and a good platform in this area as well.
Due to the seeding of users, who have a connection to the subject areas of the SOS Children’s Villages, particularly good values were achieved in terms of playback time and viewer retention.