Panasonic Toughbook | Viral video production

After the dot-gruppe had implemented a best case for Panasonic with the “monkey-proof” campaign nominated in Cannes, the success continued with the new Toughbook campaigns – focusing on the two products “CF-D1 Toughbook” and the “CF-20 Toughbook”.
The campaign includes the creation of a detailed concept, video production and post-production, viral video marketing and the seeding of the video by means of blog and social media marketing.

The conceptual focus was on application and practicability in real-world use; the B2B target group should feel at home in the way it is presented. For the most authentic presentation possible, we have usually worked with real protagonists “, Stephan Longin, director of the project. The camera was directed by Marcus Winterbauer, who received the German Film Award three times.

The spot produced for the 2-in-1 fully ruggedized device “TOUGHBOOK CF-20” represents the product’s multijob application in real-world use.  The CF-20 is a notebook and tablet in one, bringing together the best of both worlds and achieving a new level of versatility in applications that require robustness,”says Jan Urban, Manager European Marketing.
The dot-gruppe was responsible for the concept and production of the film, which is used not only for online exploitation/social media integration, but also at trade fairs and in direct sales.

The originality of the CF-D1 Toughbook was also visually conveyed (in the truest sense of the word). As a boy, the later racing driver could not win a decisive soapbox race due to technical problems. This cannot happen to him later as a “real” racing driver – thanks to the AVL diagnostic software, which is used in car repair shops. The film was shot at the BMW Mini Trophy Lausitzring, where Jürgen Schmarl – leading actor and racing driver – won the race not only after the storyboard, but also in reality! A strategic video seeding integrates important blogs, multipliers and influencers so that 100,000 views are reached in the first flight. The dot-gruppe’s seeding network enables viral reach of up to two million calls in three to six months.

Client: Panasonic Business

Campaign: Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 / Two Parts – One Story

Panasonic Toughbook CF-D1 / AVL

Concept: Viral video production

Services: Concept, Case-Film production, Seeding, YouTube launch and positioning, Viral marketing campaign