Panasonic “Monkey Proof” | Viral video production and promotion

For the launch of the Panasonic Toughbook in Germany, Panasonic Europe commissioned the dot-gruppe with the development and production of a viral marketing campaign.

The Panasonic Toughbook can withstand a lot. And who better to test it than a chimpanzee? The concept and video spots produced by the dot-gruppe present a monkey that tests the extraordinary features of the Toughbook: Resistance. Robust housing. Low weight. Water resistance. Long battery life. On behalf of Panasonic Europe, the dot-group was also responsible for the extensive, hand-crafted seeding concept within the target group and campaign marketing on YouTube. As a further central component of the viral marketing campaign, a landing page was implemented on which prospective customers and users are addressed individually and receive a continuous insight into the course of the campaign. The success speaks for itself: more than 1.7 million viral views could be generated within only 12 months.

 Die Viral Videos wurden auf dem Cannes Advertising Festival und New York Festival nominiert.


Customer: Panasonic, brand Toughbook

Campaign: “Monkey Proof”

Concept: Viral video production and landing page

Services: Concept, Viral video production, Video seeding, Channel management, Landing page design and launch

Reach: Over 1.7 million viral views within 12 months