NBC Universal | Channel Management & Awareness Marketing

“Culpa – Niemand ist ohne Schuld” presents the first fictional in-house production of 13th Street, crime channel of NBC Universal International Networks. Center of the new series is an unconventional priest (Stipe Erceg), who is confronted with crimes under the protection of the confession. Because of his confidentiality, he must keep these frightening confessional secrets to himself. All he can do is to try to change the minds of these potential perpetrators through clever conversation. But sometimes words are not enough.

In support of the series start on July 12, 2017, 13th Street was looking for a experienced partner to successfully increase the reach of the series on the Social Web. Once again, the video marketing specialists at the dot-gruppe convinced with their strategic approach and their creative, profitable seeding know-how.

In order to spread and increase the awareness of the series, the dot-gruppe produced a cleverly structured playlist, which fits optimally into the existing YouTube channel of “13th Street Deutschland” and provides the users with all important information about the series at a glance.

Selected video material, including two trailers, interviews and exclusive “Behind the Scenes” material, was added to the Playlist. For each video, a significant thumbnail was created and the editorial team of the dot-gruppe put special emphasis on keyword relevant video titles and video descriptions. In addition to the cencept and the design, the dot-gruppe was also responsible for the technical implementation of the Playlist.

Strengthened by a targeted seeding strategy, including a wide-reaching influencer network, the dot-gruppe placed the playlist within the relevant target groups, including lifestyle blogs as well as TV- and movie-affine communities, and generated over 100,000 views within the first weeks.



Client: 13th Street Deutschland / NBC Universal

Campaign: “Culpa – Niemand ist ohne Schuld”

Concept: Awareness Concept, Video Seeding Campaign, Influencer- und Blog Marketing

Reach: about 130.000 User via the movie trailers