KELLOGG’S | Video marketing campaign

Social commitment has a long tradition at KELLOGG’ S – within the framework of your “Breakfasts for Better Days™” initiative, you make an important contribution to the relief of hunger through your breakfast programs and thus support children and their families in Germany and worldwide. In order to draw more attention to your campaign video and thus to your initiative, KELLOGG’ S was looking for a partner to carry out and create an extensive video marketing concept. The dot-gruppe is proud to be part of the “Breakfasts for Better Days?” initiative.

In order to continue to donate more than 400 million portions of breakfast per year worldwide, the distribution of the core message was the highest priority. By means of targeted seeding strategies, the dot-gruppe was able to reach the most important influencers in a very short time and to raise awareness of the campaign to a maximum. Custom-fit influencers and opinion leaders have been activated to spread the message of KELLOGG’s message. The campaign video achieved more than 52,000 views on YouTube alone. Thousands of other users were reached via blog posts and social media posts.

Client: KELLOGG’ S

Kampagne: Breakfasts for Better Days™

Services: Video seeding

Reach: 52.000 views on YouTube alone