Ip.labs | Production image film and recruiting video

Ip.labs, a subsidiary of Fujifilm and the world’s leading provider of digital photo service software, offers white label solutions for personalized photo products. The company wanted a modern and emotionally appealing image film in order to present the brand and its diverse range of services in an impressive and understandable way. At the same time, Ip.labs was looking for an opportunity to present itself as a company online – and with the dot-gruppe, ip. labs found exactly the right partner for the professional conceptual handling and production of a customized image film and recruiting video.

With the aim of creating an image film that appeals to the young, mobile-affine target group and visualizes the service of the Ip.laps software, the dot-gruppe developed a storyline that revolves around 4 friends on a sightseeing tour in Berlin – with a couple getting a little closer in the video. The image film was shot in summer. The chosen scenery develops a special and cheerful attitude to life with warm colours and supports, besides the story itself, the emotionally stimulating character of the video. The conceptual focus of the production was on the presentation of the easy handling of the software and the versatile application on the different devices. In addition to a photo book as shown in the film, ip. labs also offers greeting cards, posters, photo gifts and business cards up to large format printing.

For the recruiting video, the entire team of the dot-gruppe went to Bonn, the company’s founding city, directly to the Ip.laps offices – for an authentic insight into the company, which is reflected in the filming of the recuiting video. CEO Sebastian Vögel presents his team in a friendly and relaxed manner. Around 70 employees work to make ip. labs applications intuitive, flexible and mobile – bringing together leading software architects and developers, designers and experienced experts, supported by qualified project management and quality assurance professionals. With the desire to attract new applicants’ attention, the production of the recruiting video not only focused on the presentation of workplace design and work-life balance, but also integrated a clear call-to-action that addresses applicants directly to apply to the photo service provider and become part of the Ip.laps family.





Client: Ip.labs GmbH

Concept: Video production, Video seeding campaign, Video SEO optimization