Grundig Deutschland | YouTube channel management- and optimization

Grundig AG – supplier of household appliances and consumer electronics – is known for its high-quality workmanship and timelessly elegant design for each of your products. This image is now also to be seen on Grundig Germany’s YouTube channel.

In a nationwide call for tenders, the dot-group has won Grundig AG as a new customer and is responsible for optimising the brand’s YouTube and moving image positioning.

With the development of a new channel structure, adapted designs, an ideal playlist setup and relevant video adjustments (video SEO), the advertising efficiency of the YouTube channel from Grundig Germany has been massively increased and is now prepared for the future on the social web.
Client: Grundig Deutschland

Campaign: YouTube Channel “Grundig Deutschland”

Concept: YouTube channel management and development

Services: Channel management, channel optimization, channel structure, playlist setup and video customization


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