EWE „Smart Living“ | Blog Marketing Campaign

Development of a blog marketing concept for EWE “Smart Living”.

Smart living has become a new trend and offers many possibilities to make life more pleasant and easier. With its new campaign video “smart Living”, EWE wants to pick up on this trend and present how technology can change and enrich life. The video was produced by the Hamburg creative agency strg. GmbH. The dot-gruppe was responsible for the blog marketing and distribution of the video.

With the help of the precisely defined Seeding and Blog Marketing Campaign, the campaign “Smart Living” was successfully brought into conversation in the target markets. The video was shared by eye-catching multipliers, social media influencers and online communities in the fields of technology, housing and smart technology and reached more than 170,000 views in a very short period of time.

Client: strg GmbH / EWE smart living

Campaign:”EWE smart living times differently!

Concept: Video and Social Media Seeding

Services: Seeding concept, video seeding campaign, influencer and blog marketing

Reach: over 170,000 users