ETERNA | Video seeding concept and distribution

ETERNA is a specialist for men’s shirts and blouses and stands for high-quality clothing. In her new #origamishirt campaign, ETERNA presents smart ideas and tutorials on how men’s shirts and ladies’ blouses can be staged.

The dot-gruppe convinced with its extensive seeding concept and was commissioned to market the new ETERNA campaign.

ETERNA relies on the dot group’s social media and video expertise for the strategic video seeding of the campaign. The targeted distribution and placement of the spot was carried out via all important social media channels and multipliers from the lifestyle and fashion sectors. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, communities and other high-reach YouTube channels.

The campaign around the #origamishirt convinced in the net and achieved more than 520,000 views and not only surpasses all campaign goals, but also put a smile on many people’s faces.

Client: ETERNA

Campaign: #origamishirt

Concept: Video and social media seeding, Video seeding concept

Services: Video seeding campaign, seeding strategy and concept, influencer and blog marketing

Reach: over 500,000 users