German National Tourist Board | Global social seeding campaign

It is widely known that Germans like to travel frequently. But now, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of reunification, the German National Tourist Board is focusing on Germany itself as a tourist destination, concentrating in particular on regions that have been revived and enriched since reunification. For this purpose, YouTube videos were produced for each region. In order to increase the interest of foreign tourists in Germany, a strongly networked video marketing agency for the international distribution of the videos was sought – and found.

Within the competition, both the seeding strategy and the seeding network of the dot-group, consisting of more than 15,000 publishers, prevailed. Due to this extensive network, the dot-gruppe is the ideal partner to promote the videos also outside of Germany and to deliver the campaign precisely and qualitatively in 8 language areas globally.

As an experienced and multinational video and social media agency, the dot-gruppe was commissioned to create youtube videos about Rügen, Hamburg, the Spreewald and the Frauenkirche. A YouTube positioning and seeding strategy with a clear focus on the international market was conceived and implemented.

The videos inspire you to rediscover Germany with beautiful pictures and pleasant sounds and show, among other things, Rügen’s breathtaking cliffs, Hamburg’s harbour charm and the idyllic river landscape of the Spreewald. Via target group-relevant social media and video platforms, the videos were placed in the USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Canada and other European countries – and aroused the travel preferences of the target groups for Germany worldwide. The concept for video creation also includes rich bloggers. Under the hashtag #germany25reunified, the campaign’s social networks offer even more perspectives of Germany, just as visitors and locals experience and discover it every day.

Client: DZT German National Tourist Board

Campaign: Social seeding campaign

Services: Video seeding, Seeding strategy, YouTube positioning

Range: over 130,000 users