DER MITTELSTANDSVERBUND | Explanatory video Production

In order to present the project “Mittelstand for energy efficiency” in an understandable and target-group-specific way, dot-gruppe was commissioned to produce an explanation video or how-to video for the MITTANSTANDSVERBUND – ZGV e. V..
Thanks to its many years of experience in the production sector, the dot-group maintains excellent contacts with filmmakers and designers. This enables dot-gruppe to create cost-efficient and media-appropriate content and to achieve exceptionally good viewer retention values with your video productions.
In the sympathetic and modernly staged explanatory video, the energy saving potential of medium-sized companies is highlighted and illustrated with concrete examples. In addition, it will be clarified in which form the CENTRAL COMPANY can provide concrete support to companies through the energy efficiency project. In addition to the actual explanatory video production, the dot-gruppe also provides advice and supports the project by means of online PR measures. The explanatory video clearly illustrates the basic problems and conveys the consulting services of the MITTELSTANDSVERBUND in a fresh and modern way. DER MITTELSTANDSVERBUND uses the video accordingly as a central information element for interested SMEs on its project page.


Campaign: Mittelstand für Energieeffizienz

Services: Consulting, Viral Video Production, Online PR