Federal Ministry of Baden-Württemberg | Facebook and YouTube video marketing

With its new campaign “Du verdienst MEHR”, which was produced by the AV Medien agency in Stuttgart, the Federal Ministry of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg wants to encourage more women to seek advice after a family break so that they can once again find a job with appropriate qualifications and prospects. The dot-gruppe was commissioned with the conception and implementation of an influencer campaign to support and increase awareness campaigns.

Simultaneously with the “equal pay day”, which took place on 19 March, the campaign “You deserve MORE” was launched, attracting even more attention from viewers and the press. Influencers and multipliers in the areas of law and labour have been recruited to distribute the video, as well as the playlist, on the social web. The focus was on effective Facebook and YouTube marketing. The video was also linked to other social media platforms and to Google+ Communities (Jobs & Career) and thus reached a total of approx. 150,000 users.

Client: AV Medien Film und Fernsehen

Campaign: “You deserve MORE”

Concept: Video and Social Media Seeding

Services: Seeding concept, video seeding campaign, influencer and blog marketing

Reach: 150.000 User