brands4friends | 360° video marketing service

The online marketing specialists of brands4friends want to raise themselves and their services online to a new viral level. The dot group was able to convince in a pitch. In October brands4friends started with the elaborately staged creative concept of the dot-group.

An integrated viral marketing campaign supported by the dot-gruppe from the creative concept to video production and video seeding. In the new online spot, 15 models are transformed into a magical paternoster, turning from wallflower into Vivienne Westwood Stylequeen or pop star. In the stylish lift, the before/after effect of the transformation is perfectly staged. The elaborate styling was supervised by 5 makeup artists and stylists. Directed by Stephan and Bernhard Longin, this was impressively demonstrated in a One Point Perspective. Exact video seeding and targeting takes place according to the target group parameters.
A cool project that has convinced the fashion-loving Web 2.0 and social media community and is enthusiastically shared.

Client: brands4friends

Campaign: Youtube and viral marketing campaign

Services: Creative concept, Viral video production, Video seeding, Call-to-Action, YouTube
Channel, Social media marketing and newsletter marketing

Reach: 350,000 users within 3 months