Bosch | Viral campaign and Blog marketing

With the Quigo cross-line laser from Bosch, laborious alignment with spirit levels is finally a thing of the past. Whenever several objects are to be hung up or aligned with each other, the cross line laser is a practical aid. This resulted in four creative and artistically valuable viral videos that perfectly stage the “Quigo”.

For the viral distribution of the videos, the Stuttgart agency V4 relies on the support of the dot-gruppe. A high reach distribution of the videos was desired. Creating awareness for product and brand awareness was the top priority.

The dot-gruppe took over the strategic video marketing as well as the social media placement of the Quigo videos in the IT-affine target group. The sot-group’s Publisher Network has a large number of influencers, particularly in the technological field, whose opinions are of great importance to users. With up to 250,000 views on YouTube alone, the individual spots were successfully distributed to target groups.

The campaign was managed from 2011 to 2013.

Client: Agency V4, Stuttgart / Bosch

Campaign: Product launch Bosch’ Quigo’ I – IV

Services: Seeding, screening and selection of influential bloggers, influencer and blog marketing, press releases, YouTube consulting

Reach: Up to 250,000 users (per video)