Air New Zealand | Viral marketing strategy

Boring security videos? Not with Air New Zealand. For some years now, the New Zealand airline has been producing humorous security videos that have made them world-famous. For their latest video “Safety in Hollywood”, which was produced by Warner Bros. in LA, the airline brings Hollywood actress Anna Faris on board. The second leading role is played by the New Zealand comedy legend Rhys Darby.

After the video reached over 1.3 million users within a few days, Air New Zealand decided to present the video with German subtitles. The dot-gruppe convinced with its extensive seeding know-how and was commissioned to distribute the videos in Germany.

Awareness for the “Air New Zealand” brand in Germany was the top priority.¬†Strategic video seeding supported all major social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as placing in high-reach travel blogs, communities and YouTube channels.

The security video was also convincing in Germany. In addition, the dot-group’s successful campaign implementation achieved increased awareness of Air New Zealand’s target market.


Client: Air New Zealand / KPRN network GmbH

Campaign: Safety in Hollywood

Concept: Video and social media seeding, Video seeding concept

Services: Video seeding campaign, seeding strategy and concept, influencer and blog marketing

Reach: over 150,000 users within the campaign period