Embarrassing Auto Panne—Dot-gruppe’s video seeding campaign for Bosch Daughter Drivelog

The 360° viral and social media agency dot-gruppe took over the production for Drivelog and presented the video in a funny and authentic way to introduce the useful online platform for services relating to the motor vehicle and passenger cars topic.

Dot-gruppe has a unit that specialized in the production of viral and YouTube content. The target group specific, strategic video seeding is thus carried out by dot-gruppe. In the foreground, high conversion rates are just as high as user interaction.

The video (displayed below) show how fast a car can breakdown. A breakdown is far from ideal if you are showing off a car to impress a woman. Here, one can easily prevent such disaster, and dot-gruppe is pleased to satisfy Drivelog again.

As a subsidiary of the automotive supplier Robert Bosch, GmbH developed Drivelog as a durable platform to your car costs and dates, and manages to be convenient even while traveling. Anyone interested can go to  https://www.drivelog.de/ to be informed or register online for free or login via the App Store, and get access to the latest car news as well as various tips for saving. Thus, the user will not miss any appointments anymore, discover potential savings,, and go to the best car service nearby.  The comprehensive range of Drivelog is like an autopilot, with which the user will always on their way.