Paid Channels: YouTube leads on Payable Videos

“This paid channel is not available in your country.” YouTube users in Germany are increasingly facing this note ever since YouTube has started its piolet program, paid channels, to make some selected channels cost money but only in the U.S. for the time being.

. In February, YouTube announced plans for such a project in which right-holders have the opportunity to sign a form and be given payment for their channels. Step by Step, Google’s subsidiary will expand this project in the coming weeks and months and acquire more parnters, This, YouTube is expanding its business model and is no longer restricted to advertising and for-hire only.
YouTube Paid Channels gestartet

As has been mentioned by reference, German users are the greatest video platform in the world, and they cannot access these paid channels. Currently, YouTube cooperates with 50 channels, and according to YouTube wanted to expand their list of partners, including inter alia the group of “Sesame Street”, Jim Henson, and the organizers for Ultimate Fighting.

One question that comes up here for users is how high prices will be. The lowest YouTube channel costs 99 cents a month, and the average prices are at around $2.99, which can be paid with Google Wallet. However, there are also channels that cost up to $4.99. The first 14 days are free of charge, according to the Google subsidiary, and whoever buys a subscription directly after can get discounts.

To what extent German users will be affected by this in the future remains to be seen, since YouTube is reserved and cautions providers of paid channels to be careful with the new theme.

The usual use of the video platform has always been free, and it should stay that way. The piolet project can only be successful if there are enough people who are willing to pay for selected channels.