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Facebook tests Messenger Broadcast; Facebook Display Ads verifiable via Meetrics; Snapchat starts Redesign

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the latest study by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW), in cooperation with Influry, proves the sales-promoting effect of influencer marketing. According to this study, every sixth online user in Germany aged 14 to 29 years has already bought a product that he or she had previously seen by an influencer. The most important social media channels for product perception are YouTube (37%) and Facebook (52%).

Speaking of Facebook, the Social Network once again announced some news this week, focusing on the well-being of their advertisers.

Facebook tests mass advertising via Messenger

Facebook continues to expand its Messenger options. What was previously only tested internally has now been “brought to light” by attentive web users. The company has internally developed the self-service tool “Messenger Broadcast”, which allows advertisers to send mass messages to users. According to Techcrunch, it allows companies to create a welcome message, a title and subtitle, as well as define a call-to-action. This has not been officially confirmed by Facebook.

While this innovation can be an enrichment for companies to increase the reach of the ads at a charge, users could be concerned about the already existing variety of advertising content. Facebook opposes and says that not every user receives these messages indiscriminately, but only users who have already received messages from the respective company.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook may be asking too much from its users with the new Messenger Broadcast – or whether this is the latest advertising clou. At the latest, we will find out when Facebook officially announces the launch.

Source: https://www.googlewatchblog.de/2017/11/youtube-verlinkungen-videos-dezember/

Display Ads: Facebook cooperates with Meetrics

Facebook strives for more transparency – and brings the ad verification provider Meetrics on board. What was previously only offered to Atlas customers will soon be available via Facebook Business Manager.

Meaning: All Facebook advertisers should be able to check the delivered impressions of their display ad campaigns for visibility neutrally – and get a clear insight into the number of people they have reached and generated through their ads. And with Meetrics, an independent supplier is at their side.

And, according to Facebook in a blog post, the US company starts testing more advanced measurement tools that focus on reach and attribution.

Source: https://www.wuv.de/digital/display_ads_ab_sofort_ueber_meetrics_verifizierbar

Snapchat: redesigned app distinguishes friends from brands

Snapchat wants to become more personal – by putting the best friends first and separating them from professional publishers. With this big redesign, which starts on Friday, Snapchat hopes to boost its own growth again.

In detail, this means “that your friends’ chats and stories are on the left side of Snapchat and the stories of publishers, authors and the community are on the right side”, says Snapchat in their blog post.

And there will also be changes in the arrangement of your friends posts. Instead of a chronological display, Snapchat changes the algorithm and gives priority to the posts of your closest friends.

But how does Snapchat know who is a friend and who is a brand? According to the company, this is how it works: If an account follows you, it is considered a friend and appears on the left side of the app. If the account does not follow you back, it will be displayed on the right side of the app.

Source: http://www.horizont.net/tech/nachrichten/Relaunch-So-sieht-das-neue-Snapchat-aus-163048?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=news