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Concern about organic reach in Facebook newsfeed; Pinterest introduces search ads; Snapchat reinforces programmic advertising for discover function?

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since yesterday, the Medientage München have been taking place under the motto “who rules the market with moving images?”. Even if the TV industry does not expect viewers to stop watching TV that quickly, it is clear that the interest in videos, especially via mobile devices, is high and will continue to grow! And will therefore also re-shaping the market for streaming and online services?

This week, Facebook, Snapchat & Co. have also stirred up the industry. We’ll tell you what the market is currently talking about.

Facebook Newsfeed – organic reach in the future against payment?

In mid-2017, Facebook launched an alternative newsfeed, the Discovery Feed. Via this feed, users are shown targeted content which they do not follow, but which corresponds to their interests. After Facebook tested this supplementary feed in its mobile app, the discoverer feed is now also available on the desktop – with potentially some consequences.

According to reports, Facebook’s posting systems in the markets of Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala and Cambodia have been changed so that the regular newsfeed now only contains postings from friends and advertisements. Postings from pages ends up in the discoverer feed.

This could mean that organisations, companies or artists with their fan pages can only be displayed on the Facebook newsfeed if they pay for it – and could therefore have an impact on their organic reach.

We will continually review relevant changes and take appropriate measures to futher on gurantee our customers success.

Source: https://onlinemarketing.de/news/facebook-entdecken-feed-organische-reichweite-newsfeed

Pinterest – Introduction of search ads for keywords and shopping campaigns

Millions of people worldwide are searching for inspiration on Pinterest. After a successful test phase, Pinterest introduces the search ads – and thus opens up completely new possibilities not only for users.

The new search ads, which are based on users’ search queries, allow users to discover new products and ideas in a more targeted way. And companies can use the product search function via ads to raise awareness of their products and services and to get in touch with potential customers even faster.

Therefore, Pinterest introduces a range of functions, such as keyword and shopping campaigns, and extends its range of services including new targeting and reporting options. In Pinterest’s strongly image-based environment, well placed ads might likely to turn out to be lucrative.

We say: Time to watch out if Pinterest becomes the new must-have tool for advertisers!

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/01/pinterest-begins-rolling-out-search-ads-for-keywords-and-shopping-campaigns/

Snapchat Discover – Focus on automated ad targeting

According to HORIZONT and other media reports, the social network Snapchat wants to place greater emphasis on programming advertising in the dispaly of advertisements. The focus is on the media section “Discover” of the Snapchat app. According to HORIZONT, the company is apparently responding to the wishes of some media managers who complained about a lack of income.

There is currently no official confirmation from Snapchat. We will continue to investigate!

Source: http://www.horizont.net/tech/nachrichten/Discover-Bereich-Snapchat-will-Programmatic-Advertising-ausbauen-162074?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=news