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Facebook now also delivers food; YouTube regulates external links in video endcards; Snapchat introduces context cards

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the USA can look forward to a new delivery service – and the company behind it is no other than Facebook! The social media giant is expanding in a new direction, but other social media platforms have also surprised us with news.

For Food Lovers und Social Media Fans: Facebook launches online delivery service

Facebook presents its latest feature in the USA – now, via the menu item “Order Food”, users can have their food delivered conveniently via the social network. Instead of just listing restaurants and food service providers, Facebook now presents them with an integrated order option. The process, payment and confirmation is carried out directly via Facebook-App.

It is unknown, whether and when this function will be available in Germany.

Souce: https://www.pcwelt.de/a/facebook-als-lieferdienst,3448478

YouTube takes action: External links in video endcards only available for partners

By clicking on a small teaser in the upper right corner of a video, users see the YouTube endcard: a true wonder weapon to draw attention to your own brand within a video and to link viewers to your own website, other videos and playlists, merchandising articles or a crowdfunding campaign.

But now the integration of external links has been regulated by YouTube. If the feature was previously available to all users, it is now only available to members of the YouTube affiliate program.

Earlier this year, YouTube changed the terms of their affiliate program: at least 10,000 views are required in order to sign up for the affiliate program.

Source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/29/youtube-links-end-cards-new-requirements/

Snapchat Context Cards: Reviews, recommendations and local information

The Snapchat community can look forward to a new extension: the so-called context cards, which provide users with practical information about a snap that is displayed – including restaurant recommendations, reviews or local information on opening hours and phone numbers. The context cards can be opened via the “More” button within a snap and can also be used, for example, to call a taxi or order a table in a restaurant..

The new feature will address commercial users and position itself as an important marketing tool.

Source: https://www.snap.com/de-DE/news/post/introducing-context-cards/