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Videos in Google My Business Dashboard; Instagram Stories as WhatsApp status; Instagram shows recommended posts

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we wish you a happy, healthy and successful New Year. Once again in 2018, there will have plenty of interesting news and innovations from the digital world in store for us – and as usual, we will keep you up to date on a weekly basis. Let’s go!

Google My Business Dashboard for individual businesses with video upload area?

Will it soon be possible to upload videos to local listings within the Google My Business Dashboard of companies?
As Colan Nielsen discovered in the dashboard of one of his customers and reported on his blog, there is a new “Videos” tab in the Photos section of Google My Business Dashboards, where you can upload videos.

Videos would then be displayed in local Google Maps lists or Knowledge Panels to users who are looking for a business within web search or in Google Maps.
While the possibility of adding a video to a local entry via Google Maps was first noticed in August 2017, it’s the first time the option is displayed within the Google My Business Dashboard.


Instagram Stories soon as Whatsapp Status?

Cross-posting was discussed for the first time last year with the linking of Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Well, according to HORIZONT’s blog “techcrunch”, the Instagram Stories can now be published as whatsapp status within the settings of the Instagram Stories.
Currently the option is still in the test phase.

Whether the connection to Whatsapp is an interesting feature for brands, companies and influencers remains to be seen. That’s right, more and more companies are using Whatsapp as a reach channel and direct communication channel with the end consumer as part of their campaigns – after all, the social network with almost 1.2 billion active users per month is a good platform for target-group-oriented advertising. (Statista, 2017). And yes, the link saves double content upload.

But companies should keep in mind that whatsapp users don’t want to be bombarded with marketing messages, but expect personal dialogue. To what extent it makes sense to use the contents of the Instagram Stories in Whatsapp must be checked.


Instagram starts to show users recommended posts

Facebook creates new advertising opportunities for companies. After the platform itself is barely available for advertising, the Group now directs its advertising customers to the subsidiary.

What has already been learned in Facebook has now been implemented in Instagram: Users will be shown recommended posts immediately. Posts from users they don’t follow themselves, but have been tossed by an account they are following. This is certainly an attractive model for advertisers – because according to a survey conducted by Appinio Research, Instagram is considered by 52% of the network users surveyed to be the platform on which they perceive advertising most positively. It is therefore a good idea to create more advertising capacity here.

It remains to be seen what the Instagram user base thinks of the settings. Are you interested in recommendations and new discoveries or are you rather annoyed about increased advertising? Considering that Facebook, despite all the criticism and scratched image, was the platform with the most active users in 2017, the impact on Instagram’s popularity will probably be limited.