New Customers Win: NBC Universal with the Syfy channel

During the broadcast of StarTrek’s sixth season, NBC Universal gave dot-gruppe the responsibility for the video seeding and accompanying YouTube clips. Dot-gruppe once again produce a great seeding strategy and a seeding network of over 15,000 publishers.

The ten YouTube clips, produced in cooperation with the Munich production company Enrico Palazzo, offer Star Trek fans exciting insights into the cult series, and garners anticipation for season six through rankings, duels, and other co-sections. The videos will be published gradually under the Syfy Zoom transmitter, making it the optimal online supplement to TV broadcasting, entertaining TV viewers off-air and bringing online fans’ attention to TV broadcasting.

The series itself will be broadcast in HD on German television and features all-new CGI effects and original sound.

As an appetizer, dot-gruppe presents here the clip of the top-5 aliens that give the series its originality and iconic wit.